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  • This is a import unit & it comes without retail packaging, QC Pass, professional needed for installation.
  • Note: After you installed the new battery Reset / format the phone to sync the battery with the phone.
  • CAUTION: Do not open, crush, puncture. short external contacts or dispose in fire or water. Risk of fire, explosion and burn. Do not open, crush,heat.
  • Compact design, High in quality and stable and performance, Usually takes 2 hours to full Charge with Normal Power Adapter, With Fast Charging Adapter it will take less time.
  • Long power backup around 24 hours with Normal Usage, Provides good talk around 12 hours and standby time around 36 hours approx depend upon Background app, Overall Good performance.
  • Included components: 100% Original Battery, We give 100% Support to all our product contact us if you have any issue, 100% Full Cell Battery, Our Original Battery last for 2 Year + with normal use


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ERD ITEL 25Bi 2500mAh
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