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As a result of their ability to remove pollutants and filth from the skin, Bhuvika activated charcoal scrub soap is also referred to as a deep detoxifying cleanse since it may draw toxins from our bodies.

Charcoal Scrub Soap in Komarapalayam produces activated carbon. Recently, activated carbon has received a lot of attention from the health and cosmetic industries. It is made from organic substances including peat, ordinary coal, wood, and coconut husk.

Pollutants can be absorbed by Charcoal Scrub Soap in Komarapalayam, which binds dirt and debris on the skin and makes it 1000 times heavier than it is in weight. With only a fraction of the effort, a small bit of activated charcoal may fully clean your skin.

1. Looks after oily skin

Greasy skin? Many of you may be tired of experimenting with countless methods to treat oily skin. During the summer, it gets even worse. The component you need to bring everything back into balance can be activated charcoal. With the help of activated charcoal scrub soap in Komarapalayam, you may remove dirt and extra oils from your skin. You will look oil-free and smooth as a result. Additionally, it efficiently removes extra oil from the body and the face.

2. Skin Deep Cleaning

With its exceptional capacity to regulate facial oil and efficiency in removing dead skin cells, charcoal soap leaves skin clear and flawless. It does wonder for removing the impurities that cause blackheads from the pores. To cleanse the skin, it absorbs oil, embedded debris, and toxins from the environment. Your skin should feel supple and show the visible refinement of your pores after using it. Because activated charcoal attracts impurities, it provides a remarkable deep cleansing.

3. Reduction in Pore Size

Your pores become more obvious and appear larger throughout the course of the day as a result of debris and pollutants sitting on top of them. Your complexion will not be clear if your pores are not. The ideal treatment for this is charcoal soap since activated carbon binds to and helps remove dirt and grime from your pores, making them less noticeable and smaller. Your face feels refreshed after doing this.

4. Exfoliates Very Gently

Charcoal’s texture makes it a gentle natural exfoliant. Gritty soap made with activated carbon can be precisely what you need for a little exfoliation. It assists in removing dirt and filth from the skin as well as dead skin cells, and its antibacterial characteristics aid in preventing skin infections. Our activated charcoal soap is combined with tea tree essential oil, which has antibacterial, antiseptic, and the capacity to treat skin issues including acne, and pimples, as essential oils further strengthen bactericidal characteristics.

5. It May Be Effective for All Skin Types

With Komarapalayam ‘s charcoal scrub soap, all skin types can use it. It can remove extra oil from oily skin. It moisturizes and nourishes dry skin while also being excellent for people with sensitive skin. It also successfully addresses skin allergies and facial redness.


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Charcoal Scrub Soap 125gm
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